About Us

Tightening your belt on your groceries shop? Now you can breathe easier. Switch to Taaza Stores and you could save with no compromise on quality.

As the name suggests, Taaza neighbourhood stores offer a totally convenient shopping experience. Opening early until late with a wide range of products and services, Taaza offers only the best of everything.

Our special offers make it easier on your pocket too. We are dedicated to making your life easier by creating a better shopping experience.

Taaza has been working with local farmers to bring each season´s best from their farms to your table. This means you get the pick of every crop, at the height of the season - for an unbeatable price.

A Taaza Store is designed to fit the way you live. It has a simple layout so it is easy to find everything you need and discover what you want. We offer an incredible range of items - right in your neighborhood.

The products available at Taaza Stores are sourced from specialist suppliers with relevant expertise in each area to ensure our products meet your expectations on quality and taste. Our quality control department ensures the best products are made available at incredibly best prices to our customers.

At Taaza, we are committed to providing our customers with the most enjoyable, quality shopping experience possible. To do this we make sure we offer the finest quality products, with the best possible customer assistance.

It is a new level of convenience with the same quality service and everyday low prices you find at Taaza.

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