Here is an offer from Taaza Stores for a lifetime of savings. Fill out a simple form to enjoy the benefits of being a member of Taaza family. Just fill the application and give it to the cashier at any Taaza store and start getting your savings immediately.

We offer two different membership cards - one is GATEWAY and the other FAMILY CONNECT. There is absolutely no need to pay any fee to become a member. It is free of cost. However, members need to pre-charge their card with cash to make cashless purchases.

Gateway is the main account, while Family Connect is given to the members of the family of Gateway card holder. Family members can use the Family Connect card and make purchases on the main account.

You can enjoy exclusive savings across all the Taaza stores and anytime you shop with us. Taaza membership entitles you to enjoy all our special money-saving promotions.

Members are entitled for one bonus point on every purchase worth Rs 10. The points are redeemable at any TAAZA Store. Shortly, members are also allowed to pay their utility bills like electricity bills, telephone bills etc. at all Taaza outlets.

Hurry up! Contact your nearest Taaza outlet for more details.

Member Ship benefits:

  1. Home Delivery
  2. Loyalty Rewards
  3. Utility Bill Payments
  4. Periodical Schemes & Offers
  5. Non available items on request

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